Maha Yammine (born in 1986) is a Lebanese artist working between Beirut, Lebanon and Lyon, France. After a Masters degree in Biology she graduated with an MFA from the Lebanese University in Beirut in 2014. In 2016 she received the superior national diploma in plastic expression (DNSEP) from The ESAD - Valenciennes’ School of Art and Design and was part of the Cité internationale des arts art residency in Paris (2017). Maha Yammine is now part of the post diploma art residency of the ENSBA - Lyon’s national school of fine arts.


As if to save the gestures from the ruins of oblivion, Maha Yammine’s work carries memories and people out of the fissure dug between a distant past and the present. The artist places within bodies the territory upon which ghosts, ages and times disappear. Bodies become places for the return of the past through practices of play, improvisation, re-enactement; and pierce holes in the great wall of historicity. Suddenly, the metaphor crumbles; and like salt crystals in deep water, the instant dissolves the significance. The bodies escape to the present moment of their gestures. Formerly suspended by metaphorical displacement, the bodies suddenly begin to communicate. Together, with a chair, a machine or with the other who shares with them the moment, the work and its constraints; the bodies share a look, a joke, a grimace or an uneasiness. Suspended, and social at the same time, the bodies offer themselves, generously, to contemplation and experience.