Maha Yammine (born in 1986) is a Lebanese artist working between Beirut, Lebanon and Lyon, France. After a Masters degree in Biology she graduated with an MFA from the Lebanese University in Beirut in 2014. In 2016 she received a MA (DNSEP) from The ESAD - Valenciennes’ School of Art and Design and was part of the Cité Internationale des Arts art residency in Paris (2017). She is now a participant in the Post-diplôme at ENSBA - Lyon’s National School of Fine Arts.


Maha Yammine collects and reactivates the stories lived by anonymous people. As the conflicts went on, normality was dislocated and each person took on other forms of stability in the midst of the chaos, thus creating particular types of everyday life, which the artist reveals. In implicating preceding generations, she sometimes involves her relations and their acquaintances.
In her videos and in her installations, a sedimentation of history is reconstituted, through the prism of the everyday lives of its inhabitants. She reveals fragments of the past, often intimate, seeming deceptively insignificant or family-based, whilst finding for herself this “missing memory”. It is through the modesty of these micro-narratives that History can be imagined differently: as being plural and stripped of authority.

 Xavier Jullien & Giulia Turati, curators of

Panem et Circenses, 2018